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Revenue vs Profit vs Cash: Which one is most important?

Revenue, profit and cash are all needed to operate a healthy business. But they are very different numbers and tell different stories about your operations.

In the perfect world, your Revenue, Profit and Cash balance will grow at the same rate. Unfortunately, it’s common for businesses to...

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Should My Business Pay My Income Taxes?

It depends.

If your business is a C Corporation, then the answer is easy – Yes. The company pays income taxes directly to the IRS and state. The business will issue a check made payable to the IRS for the amount shown on the business tax return – IRS Form 1120.

For all other...

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How to Hire the Right People

Easy…invest more time in your hiring process.

I get it… it’s difficult to find great candidates so the thought of slowing down your hiring process may feel scary.

The reality is you’ll invest the time one way or another…either on the front end to ensure you hire...

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