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Using simple language, 
real-world examples, 
and interactive activities
to make complex business
concepts accessible and memorable


Adapting delivery to suit your platform and audience needs whether as a guest on a podcast,
or speaking at a virtual
or in-person event


Training with clear action
steps and supplemental
resources ensure
immediate application
and results


Business Success: More than Sales and Service

Business is booming. Your team is great at closing sales and delivering 5-star service, but you expected to have more to show for the hard work. This session will introduce you to the five guiding principles for creating a culture of excellence by connecting the customer experience to the company’s goals, values, culture and cashflow. Also, learn how to use a tool that will shine a light on what’s working, what’s not and why. You’ll quickly know what to improve first, so you can grow a financially strong company.


Every Employee Has Financial Responsibilities

One of the biggest misconceptions about business is believing all of the money stuff belongs in the finance department. FALSE! Financial commitments are made by everyone in your company every day. The money was spent long before the paperwork made its way to the finance department. This session will help you see how everyone affects the financial side of service companies. Learn tips and tricks for teaching employees how they impact sales, profit and cashflow without sharing your financial statements.

Unleash Your Team: Decoding the Secrets to Employee-Driven Growth and Profitability

Are you tired of saving the day? No matter how many employees you hire, do you end up filling in when an employee gets sick, drops the ball or quits? A common misconception for business owners is that the business will automatically mature and become independent after a magical number of years, employees or sales. Learn how to delegate tasks and decisions so the business operates profitably even when you’re not working.

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Why Choose Tina White?

Actionable Insights: Walk away from Tina's session armed with practical tools, frameworks, and techniques designed to fast-track your progress and propel you towards your next big achievement.

Story-Driven Learning: Tina uses real-world stories, case studies, and examples to bring complex concepts to life, making them relatable and easy to grasp.

Tailored Focus: Dedicated to delivering value, Tina invests time in understanding your organization, audience, and primary goals to tailor her presentation for maximum relevance and impact.

Maximized Value: Every minute of Tina's presentations is packed with value—no fluff, just impactful content that sticks.

Unlock Potential: Tina enhances business acumen to complement technical skills. Discover the 'secret sauce' that will elevate performance across the organization.

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Past Speaking Engagements, Appearances and Guest Podcasts

Speaking Engagements

  • Birmingham Business Alliance – Art of Pricing
  • Alabama Women in Business – Yes, You’re Worth It! Easy steps for creating a price strategy
  • Accounting Today – Specialize or Die

Guest Podcast Interviews


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