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Practical advice with immediate takeaways to help
business owners get to their next win quickly.

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Not the typical speaker                                

I use layman’s terms with real world examples to help connect the dots. The games and interactive activities I use make business lessons more memorable.

Here to help your audience see results

The true value of training comes from the results generated by the audience after the fact. That’s why I’m laser focused on delivering bite-sized training with clear action steps. I also provide resources to ensure they’re ready to hit ground running when they return to their office.

Available for guest podcast, guest expert for your private membership, virtual and in-person events

I love serving business owners no matter what the learning platform is. I’m here to make it happen, on-stage or online.

Expertise & Topics

  • Accountants are from Mars. Entrepreneurs are from PlutoTM. Entrepreneurs and accountants see the same issue from different viewpoints. Learn how to leverage the differences and turn your accountant into your biggest ally that supports you on your growth journey.
  • Pricing rules you need to break. When you don't charge the right price, you’re forced to serve more customers, overload your employees, and run a business that consumes your life. Get off the hamster wheel with these rule breaking tips. 
  • Busy but brokeTM. Business is booming! You’re busier than ever. So, where did the money go? Before you sell more, learn how to identify the real problem – price, marketing, sales, operations, or collections.
  • Tax laws lead to false profits. Taxable income is very different from operational net profit and cashflow.  Learn how to look beyond income taxes when making financial decisions.
  • Grow at the speed of trust and cashTM. Running a business often feels like riding a rollercoaster. Learn how empowering your employees and charging the right price will power your business through 91% of the peaks and valleys your business will face.
  • Other topics: Lies entrepreneurs believe, psychology of money, and how to buy, sell or start a business.

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