Interview: Enjoying the Panoramic View of Your Business


1:52       Why Tina White started Panoramic Academy

2:45       Bridging the communication gap between entrepreneurs and tax accountants

3:50       The tax return is only one financial viewpoint. Your business needs to run on the operational viewpoint.

4:25       How Tina saw a need to provide operational financial training.

4:55       Stop draining your bank account to zero out your profit.

6:12       How Tina’s clients really feel about working with her.

7:43       Industries Tina specializes in.

8:29       The profit levers accountants and lawyers have in common with HVAC and plumbers.

11:05     It’s not normal for your business to always be dependent on you.

13:15     Biggest blind spot when setting you your first compensation plan.

Want to learn more about setting up your first compensation plan? Check out this resource 3 Keys to Creating Your First Compensation Plan

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