Over the years, your business has grown, but something is not right. Every year, the company

  • Sells more, but does not have as much money as you expected
  • Hires more employees, but you have less time than before
  • Provides more training, but employees still ask questions and rely on you to make decisions

The company seems to grow in all of the wrong ways.

You’re not alone! Growing a profitable business requires wearing a lot of hats – strategy, marketing, sales, operations, employees…the list seems to be endless.

With everything moving so fast, it’s difficult to identify what the real problem is? Why does the business have more sales and more employees, but little to show for the hard work and investment.

Great news! You’re in the right place.

The Profit Accelerator Program provides the clarity, collaboration, and guidance that drives profitability aligned with your goals and values. We’ll help you cut through the noise and make it super clear on what is preventing your company from growing the way you planned.

Our Approach

Our Profit Accelerator Program is a great way to help you start making small 1% improvements that make a big impact.

Assessment to Identify Priorities

Uncover the realities of your business from an unbiased point of view. This includes reviewing your financial reports and the customer journey from start to finish…from setting the price to getting paid. We’ll identify what’s working, what’s not and why. Then, evaluate your options, summarize our findings and present our recommendations. This stage is designed to get laser focused on what you need to improve first.

Action Plan

Planning is about identifying the right next step. We’ll work with you to align your resources with your goals to create an action plan that outlines your next steps. We will also identify checkpoints to ensure you stay on track.

Guided Implementation

Now, you’re ready to take action to make the 1% improvement that will have a big impact on your business. Plus, you’ll add guardrails to prevent the same problem in the future.

Continuous 1% Improvements

Congratulations…you made the improvement your business needed to grow. Now, it’s time to repeat the process – pinpoint the next opportunity, map out a solution, make the change and repeat.

The compounding effect of 1% improvements will transform your business.

This is a roll up your sleeves and get it done program!

(not simply more information, ideas and theories like other programs)

Here’s what to expect during the 3-month Profit Accelerator program


During the first month, you will

  • Understand your business’ financial strengths and weaknesses throughout the customer journey from Price to Paid.
  • Pinpoint the 1% improvement that will have the biggest impact.
  • Receive a customized action plan outlining the next steps for making the change your business needs

During the second and third months, you’ll receive

  • Guided implementation and objective feedback to support you and your team as you implement the action plan
  • Monthly review of your financial reports
  • Monthly private coaching call
  • Access to tools, training and resources to help you and your team shorten the learning curve
  • Accountability…it’s time to make working on your business a priority…this program will help you create a system for continuous improvement

How the Profit Accelerator program sets your business up for success

  • Identify the root cause of the biggest financial problem holding your business back
  • Know what your true profitability number is
  • Ensure everyone looks at the numbers in the same way
  • Insights and recommendations on how to make your business financially stronger
  • Answers to questions that your bookkeeper and tax accountant are not able to answer
  • Learn “why” one option is better than another instead of trusting generic advice

Investment: $7,500

Bottom Line

A balanced business creates a fly wheel effect where everything stays in alignment even as the company grows.

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