What is Balanced Business?

Balanced Business is a framework with one goal in mind: lead a financially strong company with engaged employees and raving customers without the daily operations relying on you.

At the core of Balanced Business is a simple idea: business success requires more than generating sales and delivering great service. If you want more from your business, you must understand how all of the moving parts work together, so you can drive change.

When we shift our focus to 1% improvements, we uncover the realities of our business – even things that are uncomfortable.

Balanced Business teaches you to see the big picture, identify the real opportunity and solve problems as a team.

When you implement Balanced Business at your company

You confidently lead your company and no longer guess what to do next.

Your company generates predictable cashflow as you create a culture of excellence.

Your team collaborates and relies less on you.

You create a fly wheel effect where everything stays in alignment even as the company grows.

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Why Balanced Business Works

Big Picture

5 part framework that connects all the moving parts to help you see how your business works.

Small Improvements

By uncovering the realities of your business, you’ll get laser focused on where to invest your resources and identify your right next step.


Your employees will be unified by a common language and goal.

Team Effort

Teaching employees how they impact culture, customer satisfaction and cashflow drives efficiency and profitability.

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  1.  Growth Plan

A growth plan is a big picture roadmap created to help you go from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. The plan considers every angle so the business grows in a balanced way with less surprises.

  1.  Equip Employees

After the plan is set, it’s time to communicate the plan, set expectations and equip employees for success. Business is a team sport. So, it’s important to teach employees the technical skills to do their job and the business skills to understand how their daily decisions affect the company, culture, customer and cashflow.

  1.  Simple Systems

Systems provide a way to execute the plan, monitor the results and maintain control without micromanaging. Effective systems connect departments to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Your team will boost efficiency when everyone produces consistent results.

  1.  Company Checkpoint

Key information should not hit a dead end in the accounting department. Easily monitor progress when you create a feedback loop with useful reports. You’ll make better decisions and see problems before they become emergency.

  1.  Continuous Improvement

Small wins stacked on each other over time build momentum to where healthy growth happens with less of your time, money and energy. Create a culture of excellence by taking action today, so tomorrow is better.

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The origins of Balanced Business

Balanced Business got started in 2015 when Tina was looking for a way to help employees think more like owners. Tina had studied business acumen for decades and knew it was a powerful tool to growing a successful business. Business is a team sport and she wanted to equip her employees with the rules of the game but needed a simple process to pull it off. So, she created the 5-part framework that is now the foundation of Balanced Business. And the results were fantastic.

Soon after Tina bought a home services company, she heard employees say “the part only cost $5” and “it only took me 5 minutes.” The employees were explaining why they did not charge for the service even though they solved the customer’s problem. There was a critical gap in the employees’ understanding of business fundamentals that prevented buy-in to the prices and seeing beyond their technical role. She started teaching business basics during the company meetings. Before long, employees were identifying flaws in systems and considering lost opportunity costs. The business went from losing money during the first six months to celebrating milestones like Birmingham Business Journal’s Best Places to Work, their customer service was compared to Chick-Fil-A® and the company operated profitably year-round. Voila …a balanced business!

Now, Tina teaches the Balanced Business philosophy to service companies. The framework starts with a simple principle: If you equip employees to be successful and if you obsess over small improvements, your business will grow in a strong, healthy way.

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