Business is booming, but you wonder if your business is as profitable as it should be.

You’re ready to hit the gas pedal, but you want to make sure you have a financially strong foundation.

You go to the doctor for a physical check up…

…but when was the last time you checked on your financial health?

No matter where you are in your business, taking time to assess the financial well-being can provide insights into whether you’re on the right path or have areas to improve.


A Financial Health Checkup will help you identify areas to focus on and you will receive recommendations tailored to your business.

We may cover areas like income taxes, owner’s pay, prices, financial reports, marketing, sales and operations.

One of the first steps to financial wellness is knowing where you’re starting from.

This financial health checkup will help you find out what the business is already doing well, and where the opportunities for improvement are hiding.

This is a great starting point as you begin to improve your financial wellness

We’ll help you identify opportunities for improvement and prioritize the list. You’ll know the precise actions you and your team need to take that will have the biggest impact.

It’s amazing how impactful a 1% improvement has on the bottom line and cash flow. The hard part is knowing where to start.

The Financial Health Checkup includes:

  • Review your most recent financial report or tax return
  • One private coaching call to discuss your financial goals
  • You’ll receive a customized one-page Financial Health Checkup report 
  • Financial tips and resources that will help you along your journey toward financial wellness
  • Quick follow up phone call to discuss progress and answer your questions

How this session sets your business up for success

  • Identify the biggest problem holding your business back...price, sales, operations or collections.
  • Know your true profitability number 
  • Insights and recommendations on how to make your business financially stronger
  • Answers to questions that your bookkeeper and tax accountant are not able to answer
  • Learn “why” one option is better than another instead of trusting generic advice.
Investment $1,500