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More leads, more customers and more employees do not guarantee success

Spending more on marketing, closing more sales and hiring more employees rarely solve business problems. The fundamentals of how companies operate have remained the same for centuries, but most owners have not invested the time to learn the business side of their service company.

This leads to problems like:

Adopt a new mindset around people, systems and money

Our training and coaching programs are rooted in the framework called Balanced Business – a proven approach that has transformed how businesses operate and grow.

The core philosophy of Balanced Business is simple:

Business success requires more than generating sales and delivering service. You and your team must manage every aspect of the business well.

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Myths preventing growth

Having strong technical skills is the most important aspect of owning a service company.

Technical skills are needed to do the job right. Business skills are needed to lead a company.

If we sell more and deliver great service, we’ll make more money.

Business success requires more than sales and service. You must balance people, systems and money across the entire company…marketing, sales, service and administration.

All the money stuff belongs in the accounting department.

Financial decisions are made by every employee every day. The money was spent long before the paperwork made its way to the accounting department.

No one can do it right, so I’ll just do it.

Your business should mature to where the company operates profitably without you. Business is a team sport. Teach your employees the rules of the game.

Bookkeeping is a necessary evil for the tax return.

The tax return is one financial viewpoint that shows taxable income and is useful to the IRS. When you view operational financial reports designed for your needs, you’ll confidently make better decisions.

Grow with a proven, repeatable system

Our coaching, training and implementation programs provide a holistic approach that will transform the way you operate and grow. More importantly, you and your team will learn how to use the system – enabling you to lead the business instead of the business controlling you.

Our promise to you

Everything you’ll learn is based on simple, fundamental principles that improve cashflow, breakdown department barriers and increase customer satisfaction. Business is a second language. It takes practice. If you and your team commit to implementing the program, you’ll align all three areas – people, systems and money. You and your team will experience:

New to Balanced Business? Learn more.

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